The Camellias - Gurgaon

Amenities / Features

DLF Camellias - Apartment Design

  • Single apartment per core with a customizable, private lift lobby
  • Apartments are designed around a main core affecting ease and efficiency of layout
  • Flat slab structural construction provides for continuous clear heights for greater flexibility in design
  • Floor to Floor height of 12 feet 3 inches (3.75 meters) which means a clear ceiling height of a minimum 11 feet
  • Height of glazing is 9 feet 6 inches and the width of glazing in the Living Room varies from 28 feet to 31 feet
  • 2 distinctly large front facing decks have been provided for each apartment. Maximum depth of the decks range from 10 feet to 12 feet
  • Combined large deck is provided for Rear Bedrooms with a depth of upto 8 feet
  • Misting provision in decks to ensure a comfortable sit out even in summers


The Camellias - Drop Offs & Entrance Area

  • Each entrance lobby has an exclusive Drop Off. The Drop Offs have been designed to set within the buildings, to not only provide protection from the weather, but to bring in the landscape right into the large entrance halls
  • The lobby area / entrance halls are well glazed to open up to the views of the landscaping in front to give a unique arrival experience


DLF The Camellias - Elevators

  • 2 Passenger Elevators per tower for Lower Blocks (G +22) and End Blocks (G+ 18 / 21) and 3 Passenger Elevators for Higher Blocks (G + 38)
  • 2 Service Elevators (including a stretcher sized elevator) per shared service core between two towers
  • Shuttle Elevators are provided to create quick access from basement to the Lobby Level only, for enhanced security
  • There is a Hoisting Arrangement being provided which will facilitate lifting of large items from the ground level to the apartments. This service will be a permanent feature


Camellias Gurgaon - Air Conditioning

  • The air-conditioning is through a VRF system, which provides for flexibility and individual control
  • Two sets of Outdoor Units for VRF are being provided to distribute the flow, and to keep the facility alive in case of breakdown in one of the units
  • The ODUs do not consume any usable area, and are accessible from outside for maintenance and service purposes
  • Treated Fresh Air Units have been provided for ventilation, which will allow the outdoor fresh air into the indoor space to cool or heat the inside space as desired. TFA helps in providing air at temperature close to the conditioned space temperature


DLF Camellias Gurgaon - Landscaping Features & Club House

  • Internal Landscaping has been done by Mr Paul Friedberg, principal of the New York based design firm MPFP
  • Drive to the entrance of each respective block is a boulevard shaded by trees
  • Turning into your private enclave/entrance lobby, you would encounter water features, plantings and a richly paved drop off
  • Entrance lobby with a glazed wall acts as an aperture to the greens, reveals the unique landscape that separates The Camellias from the traditional residential complex
  • Community Recreational Hub-The central facility structure roof is covered by the contours of the landscape allowing the structure to become indistinguishable from overall landscape
  • The elevated landscape on the roof of the structure provides special views on to the internal park and beautifully designed linear park
  • The center piece of the landscape is a lake which is bordered by the activities, the gym room, spa, and restaurant & bar enjoy special views over the water each from its own vantage point
  • A small amphitheater overlooks the lake for limited performances and casual viewing
  • A canopied promenade, yoga pavilion, barbeque and formal garden comprise one of the three special gardens in this landscape
  • Racquet club will have all of the amenities of a club with tennis pro, tennis shop, small amphitheater for competitions, planted canopies for casual seating and viewing
  • Indoor and outdoor pool for all year swimmers and an Olympic length pool for the serious swimmer and competitive events
  • Additionally a food service pavilion and Jacuzzi add to the experience
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DLF Centre

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